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What to expect

Every Pizza is cooked freshly for your delivery and handed to the Uber driver piping hot. Sometimes, Pizzas do not get to you as hot as we would like them to,  please follow our guidelines, for reheating.


Reheating Guidelines

  1. Receive Pizza
  2. Remove all packaging and place on a baking tray
  3. Place the Pizza into a pre heated oven at its highest temperature
  4. Leave in for several minutes until crust feels crusty to touch and at desired temperature, be careful not to burn the Pizza.
  5. Remove an enjoy.

These guidelines give the best result for reheating our pizzas.


Alternatively, you could still book a table today down at “The Gaff” on Walter road, or just walk in and enjoy our Pizza’s fresh out of our very expensive, shipped over from Italy, Pizza oven in a lovely relaxed atmosphere!!

Whichever you choose we hope you enjoy our Pizza’s and thanks for choosing Pizza Boyz we really appreciate your custom.