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Please read what to expect before ordering

What to expect

Ordering a Takeaway for Collection

Place your order online and you’ll receive confirmation and a pick up slot. When it’s time to collect, your order will be ready at The PizzaBoyz on Walter Road.

On arrival, enter via our front door and please be aware of any social distancing rules, guidelines. We appreciate the wearing of masks whenever possible. On arrival please keep to the left and your Pizza order will be waiting for you on the shelf at the front of the bar area. Whilst we always endeavour to have your order ready on time, if it is not ready you will be given an estimate as to how long to wait and where. Let’s keep our community safe and adhere to social distancing protocols whenever you can.

Please, adhere to your pick up time slot.

Eating In

Please follow any current Government protocols regarding the pandemic. Whilst it is no longer required, we would appreciate you keep your face mask on until you are seated within your booth, this is for the safety of everyone.  There will be physical barriers, to your front, behind and to the one side of you, allowing both privacy and separation from other customers. However, the entry point to the booth is open. Once seated please scan the QR code on your table with your smartphone camera, this will bring up a link which will lead you to our ordering and payment platform. Your order will be delivered directly to your table.

Please make yourself aware of all Government Regulations during this time . We have done our very best to give you the PizzaBoyz experience as safely as we can, if there is anything you think we should be aware of please talk to a member of staff.

Above all enjoy your food and stay safe! The Pizza Boyz supports the vaccination programme!



You can both sit in and collect within our opening times, please click on the “ORDER” button for collections and the  “BOOK”  button to reserve a table. Along with the times below, please check out our social media pages for any changes. Thanks



4pm – 8.30pm
4pm – 8.30pm
4pm – 8.30pm
1pm – 8.30pm
1pm – 8.00pm